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We use a powerful, industrial strength machine which extracts dead skin, dust mites, bacteria and much more from your mattress, great for allergy and asthma sufferers.


Did you know that we shed a kilogram of skin every year? And that approximately 2.5 million dust mites are in an average queen size mattress? How often have you cleaned your mattress, and we spend a third of our lives in bed!

We recommend having your mattress cleaned at least once a year and for Asthma and allergy sufferers twice a year to give relief of your symptoms.


Mattress cleaning is available for residential and commercial customers.

If you are an accommodation premises why not get your mattresses cleaned

and advertise with a difference!


For more information or to obtain a quote contact us on 0417 530 611

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If you are in the market for a new mattress contact Sleepy’s The Mattress Experts at 121 York Street, Launceston (ph: 6334 7655) and if you mention that T & S Pest Control & Services recommended Sleepy’s to you, you'll receive 25% off the RRP of a new mattress (conditions apply) they also stock

Protect-a-Bed Mattress and Pillow Protectors which we recommend you use.


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